Agam (Marseille Urban Area Planning Agency) participates in urban development projects of a wide variety of type and scale, developing both large sectors and neighbourhood or mere blocks. It contributes its expertise and experience in urban structures, the quality of  the built environment, and landscaping.


- Old Port area / City Centre
- Vallée de l’Huveaune
- Landscape Atlas and Green Plan
- Allauch, Marignane, Gignac
- Studies linked to the Marseille PLU (local development plan)


The agency participates, in particular, in urban policy, the housing observatory and coordination of housing policies. It provides support in drawing up and monitoring the urban community’s local housing programme so as to support the development of the metropolitan area. It participates in “Urban Social Cohesion Contracts* ”for Marseille by defining the scope of intervention and setting up an observatory on priority neighbourhoods

*Contractual urban policy for deprived areas.


- Urban social cohesion contracts: Intelligence unit for priority neighbourhoods
- Land prospection measures
- Social housing pool atlas
- Local housing programme


Taking into account the challenges linked to the environment and sustainable development is one of the Agency's ongoing concerns. This takes the form of both planning measures such as the “Schéma de Cohérence Territorial* ” for the Marseille-Provence metropolitan area and the “Plan Local d’Urbanisme** ” and in discussions relating to natural spaces (la Nerthe, Parc des Calanques, etc) and through the “Marseille Quality Charter” - a measure which seeks to encourage environmentally friendly construction.

*SCoT : urban master plan that integrates all sector policies at the wider urban level

**PLU : land use planning document


- Calanques National Park - La Nerthe: a Territorial Plan
- Marseille Quality Charter
- Sustainable development indicators


Agam contributes to the planning documents relating to the future of the metropolitan area: in particular ,  SCoT and the sustainable development programme for 2010. It also participates in drawing up regulatory documents, is responsible for the management and ongoing adaptation of Marseille's PLU (local planning document) and provides support to the Marseille-Provence metropolitan area.


- Metropolitan Cooperation
- MPM Territorial Cohesion Plan
- Pays d’Aubagne et de l’Etoile Territorial Cohesion Plan: analysis
- Land Occupancy Plans and Local Development Plans of the MPM Urban Community
- Marseille City Project and Local Development Plan


The Agency carries out studies relating to transport infrastructure (public transport, roads), from regional level down to local neighbourhoods. It also carries out more general studies integrating behavioural approaches and motivations for travel. It likewise focuses on the necessary coherence between planning and transportation.


- Soft transport system
- Parking intelligence unit
- Discussions on high level bus services
- Reclassification of the Jarret
- PACA high speed line


Agam’s work provides support to the economic development strategies defined by the authority. The employment observatory it has set up thus anticipates and monitors the development of Marseille's urban fabric in key geographical sectors such as the Euroméditerranée sector and urban duty-free zones.


- Employment intelligence unit - regular publication of specific data
- Euroméditerranée and Urban duty free zones: employment estimates
- Office buildings and metropolitan development
- Cohesion and higher education plan
- Development of Marseille Bassins Est and the Grand Maritime Port


The agency collects and organises the statistical, cartographic and documentary data necessary to understand regions, as well as the analysis of urban phenomena. The main task of this "Info SOS" is to meet the requests of the study team and partners. Thanks to its geographical information system and database, this division provides, on request, maps and key figures relating to a region. It also manages a significant collection of documents, studies and periodicals specialising in development and planning.


- Demographic score charts
- Sector snapshots
- Census books
- Urban data
- Marseille Urban Atlas