A word from the chairman

Claude  Vallette

Chairman of Agam,
town councillor representative for metropolitan
cooperation and town planning,
chairman of Marseille-Provence Metropole
Urban Community's space management committee.

"For Marseille and its surrounding areas, which involve several different communities at different levels, the issues of land use and urban development, fundamental to urban equilibrium quality of life and promotion of economic and social dynamics, are increasingly important.

Marseille's Urban Area Planning Agency, Agam, aims to play the role of "facilitator" between the different agents and territories in order to foster coherence among the decisions taken by public authorities. It is able to assist mayors in resolving local matters and make proposals on urban or economic projects that relate to the whole city area.
The agency does not replace the work of groups and partners but instead offers support.

It also plays a major role in terms of explaining current or emerging urban phenomena, making available data, analysis and perspectives.  

Its positioning requires reactivity, availability and education. Indeed, it must react rapidly to different requests from partners that form part of its governing authority. To this end, it organises multidisciplinary work teams aligned with the matters that it handles.
Project team organisational flexibility is a real asset when carrying out analysis and is a specific feature of Agam."